Clash of Clans December 2016 Update Sneak Peeks – VR Feature

The first Sneak Peek for the December 2016 Clash of Clans Update is announced, and it’s a huge Sneak Peek. I don’t think we have ever seen such a big Sneak Peek to kick off a new update. There’s a ton of new stuff and i believe there will be more to come. Let’s have a look. Clash of Clans December 2016 Update Sneak Peeks – VR Feature Mesothelioma Law Firm

Keep checking back here – I will frequently update this post with new information I find.

Here’s how Supercell announced these changes:

Sneak Peeks – VR FeatureAlso the Town Hall in this picture looks a little bit different. This could be something related to this years Christmas Event or maybe all Town Halls will get a little update, maybe even related to a new gameplay feature? Donate Car to Charity California

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Supercell Confirms Update Between December 19th – 23rd! (December 5th, 2016)

It has long been calm around the December Update from the official side, but now Anoushka has broken the silence and mentioned in the official forum that Supercell is planning to roll out the update the week between December 19th & December 23rd – the week before Christmas. Donate Car for Tax Credit

I personally hoped that they planned it a little earlier since Supercell has Christmas Holiday and won’t roll out something between Christmas and New Year – let’s all hope they get everything together and nothing really bad will happen. Donate Cars in MA

Prepare for Sneak Peeks next week:) simple smile

Halloween Obstacles (Scary Pumpkin) not spawning anymore! (November 30th, 2016)

In preparation of the Christmas Event, which comes along with the December 2016 update, the Scary Pumpkin will not spawn anymore Donate Your Car Sacramento

Product RED Confirmation (November 30th, 2016)

Today Apple’s Product RED event started like every year and the Barbarian King decoration has been showing up like spAnsers leaks below showed us.
barbian king-RED-decorationThe positive news is that the game file leaks seem to be true and hopefully, the shipwreck will finally be released in the December update.

Regarding the date of the update… Every year a lot of Clashers think that the end of the RED event (December 6th) will be also the date of the update, but Supercell has never been doing the update and the RED event together.

I strongly assume that we will see first Sneak Peeks starting next week, but that’s only my own opinion without any evidence. Asbestos Lawyers

Air Defense & Walls (October 26th, 2016)

Below I listed the new graphics for Air Defense and Air Sweeper from spAnsers game file leaks. Nunavut Culture

Now take a look at this graphic:
townhall maximum buildings level -ontechtricksYou can see that Air Sweeper, Air Defense & Walls are the only ones that haven’t gotten a new level for Town Hall 11. Car Insurance Quotes MN

I was already pretty sure about this when I saw spAnser’s leaked pictures (you can see them below), but it also makes perfect sense.

I just wonder what Supercell wants to do to buff air troops that much that we need them?!

Clash of Clans Shipwreck (Daily Quests) (October 18th, 2016)

Everyone has dreamed of some kind of use for the seaside of the Clash of Clans Villages since the game was released back in 2012. There are some interesting graphics included in the game files of the version we’re already playing – but it’s obviously not activated until a future update.

Check it out:

An annotation regarding what spAnser publishes: He has always been right so far. He is simply going through all the files in the game data that he extracts from the app and publishes. He has numerous leaks in the past, including the new troops and spells we saw this year and several hits on Clash Royale stuff.

I personally trust these things quite a bit. However, it can always happen that something is not released as intended. These things are not fakes!

The Shipwreck itself, according to the game files, is like the Clan Castle, a wreck, that can be repaired for 50k Gold starting at Town Hall 4.

I assume that this won’t be an element of attack or defense. Probably liken to the submarine in Boom Beach which you can send to explore and get resources or something else from it. However, I’m very sure this will have something to do with the daily quests that we have been waiting for. Met Auto

This is how it could look when released:
shipwreck live on coc beach_ontechtricks

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New Air Defense Level 9 / Air Sweeper Level 7

Here are the new looks of the new levels that the aerial defenses might get.



From today’s perspective, this doesn’t make a lot of sense considering air attacks are still very slowly on their comeback to being a viable attacking composition in the late, end-game (these new levels would just be TH11 exclusive).

I’m however sure that if air isn’t that strong when the December Update gets released, Supercell will buff them up another time. Car Insurance Quotes PA

Barbarian King Decoration, New Troop Looks & RED

It also looks like we will get a Barbarian King decoration we can buy inside the game, which will cost 500 Gems.


Although it looks pretty cool, I would never spend that many Gems on a decoration. My personal opinion, of course. Personal Injury Lawyers

And we seem to get new looks for Golems, Hog Riders and Wall Breakers. Just new looks for certain level, NO new level as far as we know at this time.


Also the Heroes seem to get a new looks during the RED Event in December (it’s an iOS special event where all funds get donated to charity, in case you don’t remember it from the last years).


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