How to Create Single Name Account on Facebook

Hello! Guys today i am going to tell you How to Create Single Name Account on Facebook. follow the below steps to use this trick :-

For Indian Users

Step 1 : Go to Facebook Setting

single name1_ontechtricks

Step 2 : Now Go to Language.

single name2_ontechtricks

Step 3 : Now Change your Facebook Language to Tamil as shown below.

single name3_ontechtricks

Step 4 : Now go back to General and click on edit in front of your name as shown below.

single name4_ontechtricks

Step 5 : Remove your Last Name from their as shown below.

single name5_ontechtricks

Step 6 : After that click on Change as shown below.

single name6_ontechtricks

Step 7 : Now a pop-up will come with a message that you want to change your name and type your password as shown below.single name7_ontechtricksStep 8 : Now you will see that you name has been changed.

single name8_ontechtricks

Bingo! Single Name ID successfully created.

single name9_ontechtricks

For Outside India Users

Step 1 : First Download and Install Hola VPN.

Step 2 : Now Install Hola Extension in Firefox or Chrome Browser and then turn ON Hola and search and select Country Indonesia. It will automatically Implement proxy settings on your browser so you don’t need to add proxies manually.

hola vpn settings_ontechtricks

Step 3 :After using Hola extension make sure it is working fine on Facebook. Now its time to create single name id to do this. Open your Facebook Account Settings. Change your language to Bahasa Indonesia as shown below.

indonesia language_ontechtricks

Step 4 : Then edit your current Facebook profile name and Simply remove Your Last Name. After that review your name and Save it.

single name indonesia_ontechtricks

Step 4 :After that you will see your Facebook Account is only using First Name and Last Name is hide. After Completing all steps, Turn off Hola extension and change your language back to English (US).

Note :Make Sure that You Don’t had already changed your account name from last 60 days and otherwise you will not be able to make single name until you crossed 60 days time period. If you crossed name change limit then it is not possible try it on another account “.

But in my next post i will tell you how to change your name before 60 days.

So this is it for the article How to Create Single Name Account on Facebook, if you have any queries or suggestion do let us know through your comments below and we will surely get back to you.

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