How To Schedule Downloads In Android & PC

Hello friends, Thank you for stay tuned with OnTechTricks. Here you will find the best and latest tricks and they all are genuine and verified by us. Through this trick you can use unlimited Jio internet by scheduling your downloads for 2-5 AM. How To Schedule Downloads In Android & PC

Today i am here to tell you about a very useful trick which you can use in many ways, It is about downloading. Downloading is increasing day by day the main reason for that in India is Reliance Jio, Because Jio allowed their user to use free data and calling feature. Many person use this offer to download many big files related Games, movies, music and many more because it is a free and you can use unlimited Jio internet.

How To Schedule Downloads In Android & PC_ontechtricksBut From December 31st the Jio limited its services , After December 31st only 1GB data can be used daily. This is very sad for the users who use daily 4-5 GB From Jio. But there is a plus(+) point of Jio. Reliance Jio allow there user to unlimited Jio internet everyday only on 2-5 Am. But this is very difficult for the user to wake up on the time and use the unlimited services. But i have a trick from which you can easily use this offer without losing your sleep. You have to schedule downloads that you want to download.

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How To Schedule Downloads In Android & PC :-

You can use this method in android and pc so lets start with android.

Android Users :-

You need to follow the below steps to schedule your downloads in your android device :-

Step 1 : Firstly download ADM(Advance Download Manager) on your device.

Step 2 : Install ADM and open it.

Step 3 : Now you can add your download link from the “+” icon.

Step 4 : Now after downloading 1-2 mb you can pause the download by simply clicking on it.How To Schedule Downloads In Android & PC_1Step 5 : Now swipe left to right and click on setting, Then click on Planning.

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Step 6 : Here, Click on download files button, & select the Start time and Stop time for your download(2-5 AM).How To Schedule Downloads In Android & PC_2Step 7 : Now this downloader will automatically start the download on time without anything so no need to worry.

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PC Users :-

You need to follow the below steps to schedule your downloads in your pc :-

Step 1 : Download and Install IDM(Internet Download manager).

Step 2 : Add your download link and Click on “Download Later” button.How To Schedule Downloads In PC_01

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Step 3 : Upon clicking, it will offer you to choose from the pre-defined scheduling queue. Select main download queue and click ok.How To Schedule Downloads In PC_02

Step 4 : Go to internet download manager and double click on “Main Download Queue” at the bottom left corner of the window. You’ll be get a pop-up of default scheduling settings.

How To Schedule Downloads In PC_03

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Step 5 : Right click on the file > Hover to “Move to queue > select the queue you want to move the files to.

How To Schedule Downloads In PC_04

Step 6 : To manage the queue and files, click on “Files in the queue” tab. You can change the order of downloads for one or several selected files by using arrow buttons or by using drag & drop. You can also delete download tasks from the queue with Delete button.

How To Schedule Downloads In PC_05

After starting a queue processing IDM starts downloading one file or several files at the same time from the queue. You can set the number of downloaded files at the same time for each queue individually in the corresponding list box.

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How To Schedule Downloads In PC_6NOTE :- “There are sites that don’t allow opening more than one connection from one computer. If you want to download several files from such site, you should create a separate queue for this site and set “Download” 1 “file at the same time” on this tab. Also you should add such sites to the list of exceptions in IDM “Options->Connection” tab with 1 connection to always download one file using only one connection“.
Your download will start at the time you scheduled the downloads in settings. If you want to start your schedule right away, just click on “start now” button.


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