How to Root your Android Phone Without Losing your Warranty!

We know very well that getting root permission on your android smartphone enables you to add more options and more ability to the system, and also to run some applications that require root permission. So, today i will tell you how to root your Android Phone without losing your warranty!

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Many users want to root their phones, but they are afraid to lose phone warranty. The iroot application comes to solve this problem!

iRoot makes it easy to get the root permission for a wide range of operating system Android devices from 2.2 version to 4.4 version And This application is also able to overcome the built-in protection devices from some manufacturers, such as knox from Samsung.

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In order to obtain the root permission on your android phone, without fear of losing the warranty, you need to download the application, from Here. Before you install the software you should enable to install applications from third-party sources option, if you choose to do this process on the computer you should Download it for PC and then enable “USB debug mode” on your phone.

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System Requirements:
1. Android devices must be running on Android 2.2 or above.
2. Supporting computer operating on Windows.
3. About 50% battery life.

Method 1 : Root Android Phone on the PC

Step 1 : Connect Android to PC
First of all, download and run iRoot on your computer. Then connect Android phone to the computer and enable USB debugging. When the program is installing daemon, please wait with patience. Don’t touch USB cable.


Note : ” The program will make sure if your phone is available on the program database (of course you can know if the program supports the phone from Here) if your phone model exist in the list then you will see the root button “.

Step 2 : Start Rooting Android
When your phone is connected, you will have interface as below. For example: Galaxy S6 is connected. Then you can click the button “Root” at the lower-right corner.


Note : ” If the phone has been rooted before, you can see the note saying the device has root permissions “.


Step 3 : Root Succeeded
When Android phone is being rooted, please wait. When rooting is completed, click the “Complete” to finish the process. The phone will restart, but do not disconnect the phone from the computer and wait until the end of the process.


Method 2 : Root Android phone with iRoot App

Of course you can leave all of these steps and download the application “iRoot” and install it on your phone, and run it after you click on the root button the process will begin

Step 1 : Run iRoot on Android
Install and open iRoot on your Android phone. Make sure that data is on by turning on Wi-Fi, mobile data etc. at Settings > Wireless & Network on your phone.

Step 2 : Root Android
Click the button “ROOT NOW“. iRoot will root your Android phone immediately.


Step 3 : After the success of the process and getting root permission, the application suggests you apply management app but unfortunately the app supports the Chinese language only, and thus not practical to use, so it is best to install another application named “SuperSU” which is available at Google Play store.
Download SuperSU

If you process this in the right way, you can get your root authority without carrying out any modifications to the system kernel, in order to delete root permission on your android phone, you can use the same program and follow the steps above in a reverse way.

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